On Intelligence

Great book “On Intelligence” from Jeff Hawkins

200px-OnIntToday I want to write about a great book that’s been around for many years but I often cross IT people that don’t know nothing about it. Its called “On Intelligence” by Jeff Hawkins. Ho yeah, the guy in the wheel chair… NO! Stop! Its not the same guy. The one in the wheel chair is an English theoretical physicist and cosmologist and his name is Stephen.

This guy wanted to study brains and artificial intelligence but “the system” at the time didn’t let him. But he never stopped trying. And in the process he invented lots of brilliant stuff. You can listen to him explaining the details better then I would ;-) in this Jeff Hawkins TED Talk. Today he runs his company called Numenta and works with a new machine intelligence technology called Hierarchical temporal memory.

He invented the Palm Top. He also had a brilliant idea, at the time portable hardware was not powerful enough to understand hand written text so he reversed the problem: well, my Palm can’t understand hand writing, its too complicated for him, but people can easily learn new languages and symbols. So he invented Graffiti! And thousands of people leaned this new symbolic language and used it for years.

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