From B&R Automation Studio 3.0.90 to Automation Studio 4.1

I’ve been using B&R Automation Studio 3.0.90 for a few years, but as all IT tools there is always a time when you have to upgrade to the newest version of the software… Well, programmers have to make a living right? Humm… lets not enter into this upgrading subject… :-D

So, as I was saying, I need to start using the new AS 4.1 because some of the new hardware components no longer work with AS 3.0.90 as is the case of the new ACOPOSmulti passive power supply 8B0P0110HW00.000-1.

There are lots of improvements in AS 4.1 but the global feeling is about the same, no steep learning curve ahead to be able to use this new version. That’s a relief.

Some of the configuration stuff, thought, are in different places. I spent some time trying to find the virtual panels configuration. Impossible!  In AS 3.0.90 you right click over the CPU in the Physical view and you chose “Open virtual panels”.


The virtual panels list opens and you can insert a new virtual panel.

AS3.0.90-OpenVirtualPanels02It will add a new VNC Viewer to the list of virtual panels and also to the list in the Physical view.

AS3.0.90-OpenVirtualPanels03Then if you right click over your virtual panel (physical view) you can access to the VC mapping or the panel configuration.

It is not the same in AS 4.1, I had to read the documentation to find out…! I opened one of the sample projects named ApplicationBasisProject, in the Physical view you have an icon for the ethernet connection (ETH IF3) and if you right click it and chose configuration you have a new configuration page where you can map the VC object name, activate authentication, set the password, etc. So, in the end, much easier!


Author: pedro_nf

Independent contractor on IT solutions and automation

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