Samsung S3 random reset solved

I was having plenty of issues with my not so new Samsung S3 (GT-I9305), almost always a GUI reset while making a phone call (the call would drop), sometimes it would take more then a minute to power the screen up, sometimes a freeze while taking pictures.
I tried almost everything, from factory reset, cache delete, even rooted the phone and installed a custom ROM. It would improve things temporarily but then again the same issues.
Looking around internet I found someone with similar issues that said they stopped after changing the SD card. I didn’t believe that could be the solution but tried it anyway and… yes! It worked! The phone now is working great so it was a defective SD card. So if you’re having random issues with your Samsung S3 try it without the SD card or with a new one.

Make a hole in dry wall without making a mess

Ever needed to make a hole in your dry wall but stopped, thinking about the mess it’ll do all over the stuff laying below? Well, this is the perfect solution and using just something that you probably have already:

Yes, you guessed it right, its just a folded up post-it and its all you need! All the dust will fall inside this improvised mini shelf.