Samsung S3 random reset solved

I was having plenty of issues with my not so new Samsung S3 (GT-I9305), almost always a GUI reset while making a phone call (the call would drop), sometimes it would take more then a minute to power the screen up, sometimes a freeze while taking pictures.
I tried almost everything, from factory reset, cache delete, even rooted the phone and installed a custom ROM. It would improve things temporarily but then again the same issues.
Looking around internet I found someone with similar issues that said they stopped after changing the SD card. I didn’t believe that could be the solution but tried it anyway and… yes! It worked! The phone now is working great so it was a defective SD card. So if you’re having random issues with your Samsung S3 try it without the SD card or with a new one.

Make a hole in dry wall without making a mess

Ever needed to make a hole in your dry wall but stopped, thinking about the mess it’ll do all over the stuff laying below? Well, this is the perfect solution and using just something that you probably have already:

Yes, you guessed it right, its just a folded up post-it and its all you need! All the dust will fall inside this improvised mini shelf.

TI CC1310 range testing

Just started my holidays on the beach, while here I finally have some time to make some range testing with two CC1310 LauchPads. These LaunchPads come by default with a PCB antenna. I’m going to use only the PCB antenna for my testing.

I’m using one of the TI sample applications and its default configuration:

// Frequency: 868.00000 MHz
// Data Format: Serial mode disable
// Deviation: 25.000 kHz
// Packet Length Config: Variable
// Max Packet Length: 128
// Packet Length: 30
// RX Filter BW: 98 kHz
// Symbol Rate: 50.00000 kBaud
// Sync Word Length: 32 Bits
// TX Power: 14 dBm (requires define CCFG_FORCE_VDDR_HH = 1 in ccfg.c, see CC13xx/CC26xx Technical Reference Manual)
// Whitening: No whitening

For my first test I left the receiver on the balcony of the 5th floor and I walked around the marina. At the other side, about 600 meters away I have this on the receivers log file:

address: 38; adc: 582; rssi: -88
address: 38; adc: 579; rssi: -88
address: 38; adc: 582; rssi: -92
address: 38; adc: 580; rssi: -96
address: 38; adc: 583; rssi: -95
address: 38; adc: 585; rssi: -95
address: 38; adc: 583; rssi: -93
address: 38; adc: 580; rssi: -90
address: 38; adc: 583; rssi: -97
address: 38; adc: 583; rssi: -97

This is the aerial picture of the test area:


On the other side at 600m it is hard to see the balcony:


I’ll improve the test program to make sure its not loosing packets and I’ll continue my testing soon.


Touchwiz home has stopped message

My Samsung S3 has been working fine for a couple of years now and all of a sudden it started freezing randomly. Sometimes with the message “Touchwiz home has stopped“, sometimes with no message and a frozen screen.

I don’t remember having installed any new application and there were no system update from Samsung. In fact it was just the opposite, the internal memory was almost full so I uninstalled a few apps and moved all other apps (that allow it) to SD card. Can this break the screen manager database?

Fortunately even with a frozen screen, not responding to screen touch at all, a long press on the power button would show the restart dialog box and even thought after pressing the Ok button it looked frozen again, it would restart after a minute or so. So I was lucky I didn’t have to take out the battery each time to restart it.

Looking around internet I found lots of people complaining about this issue, it is some kind of instability on Samsung TouchWiz touch screen manager, an improvement on the Android default touch screen manager made by Samsung. In this post you can learn more about Samsung TouchWiz, the pretty girl will tell you all about it :-) But I didn’t follow the instructions on that page, please read on.

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Get rid of “Install Windows 10” message

This is very annoying and confusing, I know several people that installed Windows 10 by mistake on old hardware and are now having trouble using their PCs. The following information is based on Windows 7, in previous versions of Windows the screens are different but its the same principle.

The Install Windows 10 app comes in as an Optional Windows update. If you are like me and prefer to chose whats installed in your PC you should still have it pending, open up the Windows update app (Control Panel / Windows Update), click on the Optional tab and look for KB3035583, click on it, its description at the right pane wrongly says: Install this update to resolve issues in Windows.

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Build openCONFIGURATOR on Windows 7

I’m experimenting with RPi2 and openPOWERLINK and after having an issue and posting on the openPOWERLINK discussion forum, the openPOWERLINK team replied suggesting that I try to increase the cycle time and poll response time using openCONFIGURATOR. So I downloaded the openCONFIGURATOR Windows build from their SourceForge site. But I wasn’t able to use it, my AVG Anti Virus found a virus in it. Probably a false positive but that stimulated me to get the source code and compile it on my Windows 7.

Anyway I ended up installing just the Eclipse (Mars 4.5.1) openCONFIGURATOR plugin that comes with a pre-compiled library, so in fact I didn’t need to compile it, but I leave here the necessary information, in case someone needs it.

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Arch Linux on the Raspberry Pi 2

Yes, I already have a couple of Raspberry Pi, but I had to get one of the new Raspberry Pi 2 (model B), to check out its increased processing power with OpenCV and image processing.

So, lets install it. The Arch Linux install page is here. This new RPi2 has a new ARMv7l Cortex-A7 quad-core! Arch Linux has a new distro page dedicated to it. If you want to install the previous RPi model you can also follow my notes, you just have to get the correct SD image here.

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How to easily track your shipments

Today almost all of the package delivery companies have a web site where it is possible to track their next delivery. I sometimes order several components or electronic devices over internet and each web shop uses a different delivery company so sometimes its hard to follow all the packages. I recently found this web app that is a life changer:

It is compatible with hundreds of delivery companies and allows you to group all ongoing deliveries in a single page!


You also have the Android app so you can follow your packages using your phone. It is simpler then the web app and you can’t login to your web account so you need to enter again your item track numbers. But if you move a lot its worth it. Hope they improve communication between the Android app and the web app soon.

Here you have a nice how to.

Go to previous tab on Firefox

I used to have a Firefox plugin that enabled me to get back to the previous tab if I clicked again over the selected tab and this was very practical, as I always have lots of tabs and often go back and forth between two tabs. For example, I have the WordPress and the Yahoo mail tabs pinned and while writing a new post I go to my emails tab and back again to my WordPress tab a few times. If you press <ctrl> TAB you can switch to the next (in GUI sequence) tab, and a <ctrl> <shift> TAB does the opposite. This is the default behavior.

But if you change the browser.ctrlTab.previews config parameter to true then the behavior changes and its a new whole world! You get a tab preview while pressing <ctrl> TAB and the order is no longer the GUI sequence order but the history order! So now I have what I want. And this is really a time saver for anybody who likes to open tabs around with things to read and they tend to accumulate over time.

To do this you need to type in the address bar:


At least the first time you do this you’ll have the warning that you can break your Firefox, go ahead and say you’ll be careful :-)

FirefoxConfigWarningAfter clicking the “I’ll be careful” button you get the list of config parameters, to quickly find the browser.ctrlTab.previews parameter just type ctrlTab in the Search text box on top of the page. Then double click on the parameters value to make it toggle to true.

browser.ctrlTab.previews.trueAnd start a new life using your favorite browser!