Touchwiz home has stopped message

My Samsung S3 has been working fine for a couple of years now and all of a sudden it started freezing randomly. Sometimes with the message “Touchwiz home has stopped“, sometimes with no message and a frozen screen.

I don’t remember having installed any new application and there were no system update from Samsung. In fact it was just the opposite, the internal memory was almost full so I uninstalled a few apps and moved all other apps (that allow it) to SD card. Can this break the screen manager database?

Fortunately even with a frozen screen, not responding to screen touch at all, a long press on the power button would show the restart dialog box and even thought after pressing the Ok button it looked frozen again, it would restart after a minute or so. So I was lucky I didn’t have to take out the battery each time to restart it.

Looking around internet I found lots of people complaining about this issue, it is some kind of instability on Samsung TouchWiz touch screen manager, an improvement on the Android default touch screen manager made by Samsung. In this post you can learn more about Samsung TouchWiz, the pretty girl will tell you all about it :-) But I didn’t follow the instructions on that page, please read on.

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